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Providing First Class Logistics Services In Africa

5 Reasons Why Alistair Group is the Safest and Most Efficient Material Handling Provider in the Industry 

1. All Our Equipment is Certified To International Standards In addition to our in house maintenance and equipment pre-use inspection routines, all our machinery is inspected by third parties and […]

Experts at Transporting Cyanide

Sodium cyanide plays a key part in the process of extracting gold, silver and other precious metals for the mining industry. It is usually mixed with low-grade gold (or silver) ores as […]

Cyanide Convoys from Tanzania to DRC

Whether it is general cargo or hazardous cargo, you can count on us to make the move! This month, we have had yet another successful Cyanide transportation for one of […]

21 Steps to Clear Transit Shipments

Did You Know? There are 21 steps to clear a transit shipment via the Dar es Salaam port. Alistair Group makes this Customs Clearance process easy for clients by providing efficient, end-to-end […]

Load of the Month: 31 Loads from Nacala to Afungi

This month our Mozambican entity commenced the transportation of 31 loads of heavy construction equipment, containers and equipment accessories from Nacala to Afungi-Palma. Alistair Mozambique worked together with the National […]

SMP Rig Assembly

The last week of December saw our Mozambique equipment rental and material handling team participate in the assembly of the SMP rig at the P-25 site in Pande.  For this […]

Load of The Month: 52 Truckloads of Steel Pipes

In December we transported 52 truckloads of steel pipes from Dar es Salaam port to Kitwe, Zambia. This operation presented several interesting challenges. As per our in-house standards, we ensure […]

Geotechnical Recce

This past month Alistair provided logistical and personnel services for a reconnaissance trip for the geotechnical study for the East African Crude Oil Pipeline. The purpose of a geotechnical study […]

Kinyerezi Crazy!

This month has seen us step up our support for the two Power Plant projects in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, providing a 60 ton crane for Kinyerezi 1 maintenance work […]

Transport to Namibia!

For any of you who have been following our newsletters for some time, you will know that Alistair Group enjoys the challenge of expanding to new geographies. Our recent establishment […]