Client: Deugro (South Africa) and Shanta Gold
Cargo: Two 17-ton ball mill ends
Route: Johannesburg to Chunya, Mbeya, Tanzania
Vehicles Required: 2 x tractors with flat bed trailers, escort vehicle

out-gaugeTHE STORY

Deugro (SA) contracted Alistair Logistics to move two 17-ton ball mill ends from South Africa to Shanta Gold’s site in Chunya, Mbeya, Tanzania. These mill ends are important components for the new processing plant on Shanta’s site and it was necessary to ensure that they reached site safely in the shortest amount of time possible. Alistair Logistics sent two of its most experienced drivers with specialist lowloader trailers as well as a highly experienced escort truck and driver down to South Africa. The challenge was to ensure that all of the necessary permits and restrictions were adhered to in each of the countries that cargo transited through. After extensive research, Alistair Logistics successfully organized special permits and escort vehicles in South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Tanzania. The chosen route required an exciting ferry ride, patience with several potential border delays and navigating a very difficult piece of road during the final stretch.

In the end, Alistair Logistics was able to secure the necessary permits and escorts, do the full transport, including all clearing, in under two weeks safely and efficiently. Two other ball ends that were sent to Dar es Salaam port took over 6 weeks to travel from the port to Shanta site due to permit and clearing delays.